QUALITY - 25 out of 75 possible points
We had a very tough time grading the quality of the documents produced by DiplomaXpress.  Why?  Because we could not find anyone who has ever received anything from them!  To make matters worse, the samples shown on their site all look to be stolen images, not work that they actually did.  If you have information about their work, please let us know, until then we will assume the worst.

SERVICE - 2 out of 5 possible points
You can contact DiplomaXpress using a contact form on their website, or by AOL Instant Messenger.  No true live chat option (one that doesn't require the customer to have or download a particular program) is available nor do they list a phone number or email address.

SPEED - 1 out of 5 possible points
DiplomaXpress.com states on their website that orders take 10 to 14 days to ship once they have received payment which is totally unacceptable!

TRUST - 0 out of 5 possible points
DiplomaXpress has been around since May of 2006, but that is where the good news ends.  Their website is hosted in HONG KONG, their business address is in VENEZUELA, and they only accept cash or money order!  Yes, that's right, no credit cards, PayPal, or any other payment method where you would have any recourse if your order was wrong or you didn't get it at all!!  Let me repeat that - their website is hosted in Hong Kong, they have a Venezuelan business address, and they only accept cash and money order - WOW!  Are there really people out there who would trust a company like this??

WEBSITE - 4 out of 5 possible points
Looks nice enough, which unfortunately may fool someone into thinking they are legit!

PRICE - 4 out of 5 possible points
The lowest priced diploma offered by DiplomaXpress.com is $99.99.

The biggest scam artist in the fake diploma industry until DiplomaReplication.AndMuchMore took the title away. Needless to say, steer clear of this provider.


DiplomaXpress used to own and operate a fake diploma review site named Diploma-Review.com that is no longer operational.