Scam Alerts and Consumer Reports


The internet is a strange and wonderful place and can get people into a lot of trouble if they do not know what they are doing. Essentially what you have is information from all around the world that is not very heavily regulated. And while this is amazing for freedom of information, being able to learn what is out there and who is out there, it can be bad for your pocket book. Scammers are all over the place and will try to do anything to steal your money.

Think about people that are new to the internet. You might be a young person or an old person, but if you know anything about the internet you know not to trust everything you read. You know when those people wonder why they are clicking on the link for their free television and not getting it, but just getting computer viruses? This is exactly what we are trying to protect from, but in a different way.

Not all scams are obvious

Now there are ways to find out whether or not most things are scams. There is a chance that if you encounter something shady, someone else already has and they have likely written about it on the internet. There are plenty of scam alert sites out there and they are for the most part to be trusted. However, what about scams that are not obvious, or better yet, scams that are not technically scams.

We are here to provide our readers with information that can help them make educated purchasing decisions. Decisions that can help them save money and help them avoid scams, obvious or not. Our dedication is to our readers and it is up to us to make sure that every scammer online that we come across is reported and exposed for the tricksters they are.