QUALITY - 65 out of 75 possible points
Overall quality is excellent.  Paper and print quality are both very good and it appears most documents are created with a high end laser printer.  They are one of the few sites that offer both raised gold and shiny gold diploma seals.  They also offer fake birth certificates on their website, but we have not reviewed those.

SERVICE - 4 out of 5 possible points
Customer service available by email and contact form.  Response to contact form was very prompt, but lack of an 800# or chat feature keeps them from getting a better score.

SPEED - 5 out of 5 possible points
DiplomasandTranscripts.com ships most orders on the same day they are placed.

TRUST - 5 out of 5 possible points
DiplomasandTranscripts has been in business since November of 2004, they are located in Nevada, and they accept almost all forms of payment including credit cards, no issues here.

WEBSITE - 4 out of 5 possible points
The website is fairly attractive, has a good deal of information, and it is easy to use.  It's not as nice as DiplomaMakers, NextDayDiplomas, or PhonyDiploma, but it's better than most.

PRICE - 5 out of 5 possible points
All fake diplomas at DiplomasandTranscripts.com and Fake-High-School-Diplomas.com start at $50 each.

A great choice and possibly the best value in the phony diploma business! Excellent quality, good service and fast shipping.  We wish they offered more replica designs, but otherwise we have no problems recommending this provider.

DiplomasandTranscripts.com owns and operates Fake-High-School-Diplomas.com and the above rankings apply to both sites. They also sell fake pay stubs on another site that they run, but we haven't reviewed those either as we are only concerned with diplomas and transcripts.

It should be noted that while they are advertising on their website that we named them "Best Value"  - that is only partially true.  As you can see above, we said they are possibly the best value in the diploma business - best value is a judgement call and not something like quality where a clear winner can be determined.