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Thanks to us there is now an unbiased site for reviews that is not in anybody’s pocket. The internet is full of information, and you do not always know where it is coming from. With us you know it is coming from a place that is dedicated to protecting the customer and giving them information that they can use. For us, there is nothing like exposing a bad product or service, which is why we moved from finding fake diplomas to doing portable product reviews.

In the cyber world, especially when it comes to product reviews, it is difficult to find someone that you can trust. So many websites are owned by product manufacturers and distributors that it becomes almost impossible to tell whether or not the information that you are getting is correct. For us, we can tell you in full confidence that our reviews are the best information you can receive on the web.

The reason for this is that we are run by a group of people that has always been about justice and protecting the rights of the consumer. There are not a lot of sites out there that are on the consumers’ side, even if you think there are. Our word is our bond and we pride ourselves on the ability to give you the information that you can use on every portable product that we come across. See the difference and see why we are the most reliable source for portable product reviews online.